When something is about to end, all of the good and bad and weird and funny memories stream back into your mind, almost like a movie. Everything you do reminds you of something you once did.

As I sit here typing, I am a little under two months away from graduating from college. This semester has been hard and painful and beautiful and memorable all at once. That is a lot of emotions to all feel at once. And as I approach the end, I have this strong urge to be done, but also a longing for all the memories I have created in college.

Nostalgia ebbs and flows, and it hits me in phases. At Young Life club last week, we were all swaying and screaming The Climb by Miley Cyrus. It was one of the moments where you feel like you’re in a movie, looking on the outside at the moment. I could tell it will be one that I won’t ever forget. Because that was what my college career was: singing songs way too loud, and stressing out way too much, and laughing with friends, and eating whatever food I wanted, and being way too busy.

As I drove back to school from winter break, I talked with a friend who is much older and wiser and I started processing the fact that I was leaving my last winter break. She gave me the best advice: don’t dwell on the lasts. God has blessed me with the present moment and with the present people and the present activities. He gave them to me now so that I could enjoy them now. I tried to spend the semester enjoying all that God has given me right here, right now, instead of dwelling on the lasts.

Graduation marches ever closer, and I’m now trying to balance reflecting and remembering but also enjoying the now. I realize that the real world is coming up fast and that I am not even a little bit prepared. But as I look over my time in college, I see a beautiful tapestry that the Lord has weaved over the past four years. There was pain and stress and fear and hurt, but there was also a whole lot of joy, laughter, love and beauty. But the stability between all those emotions was Jesus, his ever present faithfulness and love. And although I am entering into a portion of my life that no one has planned for me, I can trust in a God who has provided for me and sustained me through everything so far.

So as I continue to process and reflect, I appreciate the nostalgic moments, soak up the present blessings, and look to the future, because I know that Jesus holds the future, and what could be a better adventure than that?

Those are my musings and reflections for now. In the meantime, go enjoy the moment that God has given you!


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