Dusting off the old blog…

Wow… I haven’t posted since I went abroad. Sorry friends! The semester after I came back from being abroad was filled with all the things I wanted to do in my junior year, jammed into one semester. Needless to say, I slept for the first week of summer. A lot. This summer, I’m interning at Ohio Right to Life. I have been/will be blogging for them this summer, so I figure I’d cross post. Most of my posts this summer will be political/related to the abortion industry or the Right to Life. IMG_7014

This is me today. I’ll tell a brief story while I’m on a roll here.

So today, I went to my internship and the first thing we always do is check the news and google alerts for what happened the day before and what is going on that day in Ohio. I found out that Cecile Richards, CEO and Queen of Abortion at Planned Parenthood was going to be having a women’s health roundtable at the Ohio Democratic Party HQ. Well I just couldn’t pass that up. So my boss gave me this sign and my fellow intern and I walked 20 minutes to come and hold up this sign outside of the Dems hangout. I was hoping to see Cecile, but she couldn’t spare a moment to come greet me, unfortunately.

Immediately after we left, it started raining. It wasn’t too bad so we continued to walk back. We got to a strip of restaurants, stepped under an awning and then it started to POUR. It was pouring so hard that I looked at the weather app and there was a flash flood warning. Luckily, we made it under the awning of Late Night Slice (a very yummy smelling pizza shop… I didn’t bring my wallet. oops). We made it back only slightly soggy.

The other intern said to me, “it could be worse. We could be democrats.”

PREACH IT, GIRL. Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. I’ll keep you posted.


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