Fall Break (a month and a half late)

So a month and a half ago I went on a really sweet fall break trip! and then I didn’t write about it. And then I didn’t write about anything. So instead of relaying all the minute details, I am just making a top ten list. With a sprinkling of pictures. Please enjoy if you so choose.

10 Cool Fall Break Things That Happened In No Particular Order of Importance Because That Is Hard, But Sort Of Chronologically

10. The time when my friends and I left our single piece of luggage on the baggage claim and walked through the passport control without it… We are greeted by our Hungarian AirBnB host and she asks us about if we have our luggage and we all just look at each other like “what have we done…” In no less than 30 seconds while we are all staring at each other with no idea of what to do, Meredith saw the door open and she ran back through passport control to go retrieve our lost luggage (still debating on whether this breaks some Hungarian law statute… It probably does).


GoPro selfies in front of the Hungarian Parliment Building


hero’s square at night is pretty cool

9. When Meredith said “latagatakozpont” and our eyes were opened to the beauty of learning random words in random languages and casually using them. #Kozpont5ever


hungarian baths are fun


yummy food. that is the theme of Hung(a)ry


the Parliament building at night

8. When Tory and I stopped to talk to an old man playing violin next to a model of Dracula’s castle and then he started talking really loud and started to touch Tory’s face and I really had no idea what to do.


7. Going to a random classical music concert and Raquel was there and we had this awesome reunion and talked for an hour at a Viennese cafe where authors and philosophers used to sit and converse.


6. When Meredith and I went to the Haus des Musik and spent at least 5 minutes dancing to “Mozart Reloaded” aka EDM Mozart and it was fantastic.


Rathaus (town hall!)


Stephensdom Wien

5. Eating crisp apple strudel in Salzburg and going on the Sound of Music tour and singing all the songs and making all the Austrians hate us.



crisp apple strudel, but no schnitzel with noodles


meredith is not 16 going on 17


God’s sunset on Lake Mondsee 🙂

4. Legally grafitti-ing the John Lennon Wall. (special thanks to the random other Americans who were also studying abroad and lent us their spray paint)


“make friends around the world”


St. Vitus, Prague


Art Nouveau windows!

3. Chocolate being the major food group I consumed in Prague

2. Spending 24 hours in Rome and being Lizzy McGuire even though Paulo never met us and the Trevi Fountain was closed and under construction. Also accidentally spending 30 euros on the most amazing Italian food of my life

  1. Spending the week with Emma, Meredith, Aggie, Tory and Ellen!

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