The Beach and the City Life

Bonjour, mes amis! Five days in Aix already. It feels like forever already. Needless to say, Southern France is everything eveyone says it is. Absolutely gorgeous and quaint and can I just say that I have never eaten better? YUM.

Yesterday, my university took us on a tour to La Ciotat, a little town an hour south, right on the Mediterranean coast. After arriving, we went straight to the market to pick up food for a picnic. My little group of friends (six of us), spent a total of 16 euros for all of us to eat! I bought the baguettes, someone bought camembert (stinky cheese), someone bought, sausage, another bought really amazing grapes, and then we bought a knife to cut. We were taken to a beautiful park and we sat down and made our own little sandwiches. It was so french and yummy.


group selfie with the Mediterranean.


Shannon is our stinky cheese model.


The leftovers of a very French meal.



After doing a few more things, they took us à la plage! The beach was lovely, and the water a little chilly. But that didn’t stop us from getting in and wading. After 20 or 30 minutes in the sea, we noticed no one else was in the water, and realized that while we knew there were jellyfish, some of our classmates actually got stung by them. Not wanting to have to test out the whole “if you pee on a jellyfish sting it makes it feel better” idea, we got out of the water and spent the next hour just enjoying the sun.


GoPro cred to my fam and Jake! ❤

After the beach, we took the scenic route home, which brought us to Les Callanques de Cassis. Cassis is a town right next to La Ciotat and it is so gorgeous. Les Callanques are these crazy beautiful cliffs over looking the town and ocean. We didn’t know what we had pulled up to until we walked up this path. And saw THIS.




The view was too pretty not to…


Ya girl KT.

After a ton of pictures, and a lot of praise to the God who made this crazy beautiful place I get to inhabit, we got back on the bus. They dropped us off back where we had left from that morning (thirty minute walk from home) and my housemates (Katie and Hannah)  and I stopped at Monoprix (French target) to buy some necessities. We walked home, and I checked my Fitbit. We walked 9+ miles yesterday. We were whooped, needless to say.

Today was la premiere jour de classe (first day of class!!!). I only had one class… And it started at 2:30…. So I slept in, went running with KT, and then we walked into town and met our friends for Crêpes à GoGo (crepes on the go)! I got a Nutella crepe. And it was warm and melty and beautiful and lovely.IMG_3173

Then I was off to my first class, French history as seen through it’s movies. The professor lectured completely in French for an hour straight. And it was about analyzing films. To be completely honest, even if she had said it all in English, the subject probably would have confused me. French made it harder… I left class with my head swimming.

Afterwards, I went across the street to the beautiful Cathedrale de Sainte Sauveur and read my Bible and prayed. God is so good and that cathedral is gorgeous. It was an awesome time to worship the One who is with me always, even as I traverse a new country with new people.



After, I didn’t really have plans, so I sat on a fountain on this cute square and listened to some live music. I went on a fruitless quest to try and find this Macaroon shop that either doesn’t exist or is very well hidden. I found Pizza Capri instead, a place my host mom recommended. It was SO good. Except I found out the hard way that Pepperoni in France doesn’t mean Pepperoni. It means pepper. I think? My housemates and my host mom and I had a really confusing conversation about what poivron, poivre, and pepperoni mean. TBH, the jury is still out on what all of them mean. Anyway, I got some pepper pizza and sat on the fountain while I waited for KT to walk from our house. This really sweet lady next to me started making conversation and we talked for 40 minutes in French/English about being here and America, and gun laws, and marriage and her job and her ex-boyfriend and all sorts of things. Her name is Evi and she is seriously so sweet. So far, France has been lovely and friendly, and I cannot complain.

Afterwards, KT and I explored Aix a bit and ended up in H&M.

IMG_3188 IMG_3121

Another great day in the books in Aix. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next few days 🙂


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