Recently, a word has been floating through my mind. Dayenu. Where does this word come from and why do I know it? Let me explain.

At Passover, Jews take one night of the celebration to have a seder. Seder, in Hebrew, means order. We have a special way of celebrating the Pesach holiday, telling various stories and eating different foods that signify the struggles and successes of our Jewish ancestors who, by the grace of God, fled Egypt. One of the songs that we sing during the seder is called Dayenu. Dayenu in Hebrew means “it would have been enough.” Over the course of the past few weeks, this word has become a theme in my life.

In the context of the Seder, we read off a list of things that happened to the Israelites, and at the end of each, say dayenu. For example, we say “if he had just split the sea for us, dayenu (it would have been enough).” “if he had only brought us into the land of Israel, dayenu.” etc. (when we sing it, we say all those things in Hebrew, here’s a cheesy recording I found on youtube!) Essentially, each time they are saying, it would have been enough if God only did this. But then, each time, He did more.

If God had sent His only Son to remove the sinful condition of my heart, dayenu. If Jesus had only rose again, dayenu. If He sent His Spirit to dwell in His followers, dayenu. The list goes on and on. Every time, it would have been enough. But, praise Him, He never quits. His blessings overflow because He loves us, and wants to give us everything.

It’s easy to get bogged down on a rainy afternoon, or when you’re having a stressful week, or whatever else might steal the joy of this life. But, looking around, there are so many things to be thankful for. Even if its something as simple as the crunchy sound of fall leaves on a walk, or the chai latte that I drank this morning. He is in it all. And every time He gives, dayenu. But they just keep coming. And what a true picture of His love that we get from it. Take some time in this season, especially as Thanksgiving approaches, to give thanks for the many things in your life that He has ordained.



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