What To Do With Crazy Love

When I picked up Crazy Love by Francis Chan, I didn’t know how much it would challenge me. The subtitle of the book should have given me a clue. It says “overwhelmed by a relentless God.” It’s the perfect description of how I should be living my life, and an attitude I don’t think about enough.
Today, I read chapter five as part of my quiet time. In it, he made some pretty profound points. One line really hit me, though. He said “do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people he has made?” DANG. That’s hard to wrap your head around. All the money I earn, all the hours I spend working out, all the time I spend on school work, none of it matters in the eternal sense. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t be doing those things, because to be honest, I’m not sure how the whole balance thing works. But, eternally, nothing matters if I’m not loving God and loving others.
Today, I also went to a fundraiser for a ministry called Hands Together. It funds schools in one of the most dangerous slums in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The man who started it, Father Tom Hagan, was there and spoke from his heart about how much he appreciated the support and asked for our prayers. The way he spoke about the kids that he was helping was incredibly moving. All I could think about as I listened to him speak was “here’s a guy who’s loving God and loving the people He created in a hard, real, amazing way.”
Father Tom was a chaplain at Princeton University, and took a group of students down to Haiti to do some mission work. He felt the call to stay in Cite Soleil, the bad section of Port-au-Prince, and do something about the poverty and has been there ever since. He loved God enough that he could trust God’s call for him, first to become a Priest, and second to uproot his life and comfort and move to an incredibly dangerous place, to love and provide for the poorest of the poor. What an inspiration. Father Tom is living his life, overwhelmed by a relentless God, and pouring that out on to the children of Haiti, loving them, feeding them, and educating them.
His presentation got me thinking about how I can better love God and love others. I’m sitting in the lap of luxury in the US, but there are still so many people who need to be loved around me. So, for now, I’m going to work on being overwhelmed by my relentless God, loving Him radically and others radically. What will you do?

PS. I highly encourage checking out the Hands Together website to see the awesome ministry that’s occurring in Haiti, and think about donating! $100 can feed one kid for a year, and most of the time the meal the staff at the schools give to the kids is the only food they get all day.


image courtesy of http://www.handstogether.org


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