Why I Don’t Want To Be Comfortable (Heavy Reading)

What an odd title. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable? I mean there is a definite reason why my college bed had two pillow top mattress covers on it. But the comfortable that I am talking about isn’t necessarily physical comfort. I’m talking mental and emotional comfort.

I’m taking an online Grove City College class called Speculative Mind, all about worldviews. In last week’s reading (which I didn’t do ‘til today, I’m a great student, thanks for asking!), it was talking about different theories about the creation story and different theories about consummation. I’ve never read Revelation all the way through because last time I tried to read it, I got really confused. I need to get a book or a guide or something. So the theories and consummation stuff they were talking about was totally new to me.

The specifics aren’t important, but there are three theories about the consummation, each with different ideas of when Jesus will come, what will happen, etc. Anyway, reading about these things was freaking me out. And I guess that’s pretty natural right? I mean I don’t think anyone is counting down the hours to this seven year period of warfare and strife. And don’t the words “final judgment’ strike fear into your heart? Because that’s about where I am right now.

I started thinking about ways that my life needs to change. If I’m supposed to stand in front of my God and account for the time and the life He has given me, maybe I should watch a bit less Netflix and be feeding more homeless people and loving my neighbors better.

While I was stressing about that (I get easily worried), I came to a realization.

There is quite literally nothing that I could do to win the approval or favor of God. Ever.

So I just need to accept that and then move from there. God does not need me. But the awesome thing is that He wants me. By absolutely no merit of my own, God wants to adopt me as His kid. So, yes, the consummation will be scary, as it should be. But we have the ultimate force on our side, faith that the One who created us will sustain us.

A couple of weeks ago at Church, the pastor delivered a downright awesome message from Joel. It’s all about Joel 3, which talks about the coming judgment of Israel. My notes on the sermon say this, “In the valley of decision, the only place to stand is in the grace and favor of God. When we stand in front of God we won’t tell him about our life, instead we will humbly plead on the blood of Christ for grace.”

We will humbly plead on the blood of Christ. Think about that. We have nothing else to cling to. But honestly, we need nothing else. The blood of Christ conquered death, the ultimate end to this world. If the blood of Christ can do that, it is a perfect thing for us to cling to as we withstand the judgment of the Father.

That is an inescapable fact. We have the blood of Christ to stand on. The question is now, what will I change about the way I live in response to that? I could never earn his favor. I don’t want to cheapen His grace by ignoring what I’m to do, and rely on the fact that He will always take me back. So I need to change my life to reflect what he has done for me.

Getting back to my first line, why I want to be uncomfortable. Thinking about all this final judgment stuff gets me thinking for a little bit, but then I just distract myself, and I get comfortable with my earthly existence again. I want to be uncomfortable all the time so that I remember each and every day that this is not my home. There is something far greater coming, and I need to be ready. That will be the way I change my life, to reflect the truth God has revealed to me. What will you do?


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