Why It’s Okay To Be Lonely

How often do you sit around and wish you were somewhere else, doing something else with someone else? For me, it happens more than I’d like. I wrote a couple posts earlier in the year about satisfaction coming from God alone and being content in where He has placed you. Sometimes, I forget to follow my own advice. I’ve been reflecting on something lately that goes along with this.

Every day, we are bombarded with songs about love, and commercials featuring beautiful young couples, and self-help books that claim to “help you get a man in just 10 days!” In a society where couples are lauded and praised, being single is hard. Going along with the not being satisfied, sometimes it feels like if you just finally have that one special someone as a companion, all the other stuff in your life will fall in to place. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that’s not true. If one thing clicks in life, that’s awesome, but you’ll never have zero problems. 

Today, on the way to work I was listening to the local Christian radio station. They played Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets. One of the verses really hit me. It says “Make me lonely so I can be yours, til I want no one more than you Lord. Cause in the darkness, I know you will hold me, make me lonely.” 

How awesome of a perspective is that? Imagine if we all walked around with that attitude, instead of complaining or being sad. We are blessed in our own way if we are single, because God is teaching us dependence on Him. And dependence on Him is the only way we can be truly his. Instead of wishing I had someone to go to the movies with, or waiting impatiently for the next phase of my life, I am working on being present where I am, and reveling in the amazing things God is doing with me right here.

To the world we may be lonely, but if we cling to God, we will be overflowing with Him. What could be better than that?


2 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Be Lonely

  1. Jamieson! Thanks for the perspective and insight – I too am terrible at being content spending time alone! I was reading another blog this morning and her words really hit me, “Walk forward living life now, with whatever circumstances you are in and know that God is so big, He doesn’t need our help rushing timing or trying to twist things in our own control, He needs your heart, willing and obedient, free of distraction, ready to run with abandon towards a full life He has laid out before you” We need to be freed from the distractions that cause us to not fix our eyes on Christ!! Praying for you and love you friend! 😀

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