Exciting News and Shoutouts

Hello friends!
So many exciting things are happening today and I don’t have a ton of time to blog so I figured I’d let you know what’s going on and direct you to one of my favorite bloggers right now! Today I have my last home lacrosse game and Weavfam is coming out to support me/hang out/college visit for my brother! Seriously cannot wait for them to be here.
On to a post about all things blogging: a few months ago, I saw a lot of my fellow Grovers posting articles by this guy named Matt Walsh. I checked them out and realized this guy was spot on most of the time with what he was saying. So I followed him on WordPress and now I get an email every time he posts!  His articles are definitely worth a read! Below I’ve attached the links to a few of my favorites. I’m sorry I didn’t have any deep thoughts to reflect on this week, but hope you all will forgive me and tune in next week!
ALSO, I am not a contributor at Girls On Politics! Click this link to my first post, a reflection on CPAC!

Have a great week and enjoy these posts!

DC Abortion Fund

Birth Control and Employers

Reflection on Ban Bossy


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