Two Words That Will Change Your Perspective

It all started with this book I’m reading with my discipleship group. It’s called Get Lost by Dannah Gresh. It’s all about getting lost in God’s love. Because of the book, I decided it was time that I became more intentional with how and when I spend time in the Word. In the book, Dannah emphasizes that many of the world’s great spiritual leaders started their day with spending time with God. Initially, I ruled that out, because sleep is way up their on my list of priorities. I figured, whatever, I’ll just fit it in when I have time. When I was doing that, though, it felt like a chore, or just another thing to knock off the to do list. And I didn’t want time with God to be like that. 

Monday mornings, Young Life sends out an email with information for leaders and tools we can use. It also includes a message from a person who is in the administration of YL and what they’ve been learning recently. This week’s message was REALLY cool. Mike Gaffney, the vice president of Young Life College ministries wrote it. He was talking about how 2 Timothy is one of his favorite books. In 2 Timothy 3, the phrase su de in Greek is repeated several times. Su de means “But as for you.” This is so cool because it is God’s way of differentiating Timothy from others of his time. God does this for us all the time

Jamieson, I know that this is what a lot of your friends are doing, but as for you…

Jamieson, I know that a lot of the students at Grove City are involved in this, but as for you…

Jamieson, I know that Young Life has most leaders do this, but as for you…

God knows us personally in a way that no other person does. That’s why he calls us all to different things. We are called to be different so that we can glorify Him with the gifts He has given us. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Christian in this world. People don’t get it and they might ridicule you for your faith. The awesome thing is that we are Not Home Yet, but God has a plan for us while we are here. Stand strong, because God has a whole lot of cool things planned for your life.

So when people ask me why I’m getting up early to be in the Word instead of sleeping in, I can know that God is calling me to something different than everyone else. He’s calling you too. Are you listening for Him? 


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