Grove City Pride

Today in my International Politics class, my friends and I took part in a debate about whether or not force is necessary in international relations. The side I was to defend was the side that force isn’t necessary. In our debate textbook, it was essentially telling us to argue that pacifism is the way to go. My side knew that it would be nearly impossible to convince anyone (including ourselves) that pacifism is the way to go and that force is never necessary. So we modified our debate so that we argued that war is only useful as a last resort.

I’ll cut the story short. In the end, after some impassioned arguments debated on both sides, the debate finally ended. We don’t yet know who won (the rest of the class voted), but that’s not what’s important. Throughout the debate, I was able to stand my ground and defend my beliefs in a passionate and truthful manner. Before I came to Grove City, I wouldn’t have been able to defend my position with the onslaught of questions that the other side brought. Now this post isn’t me trying to tout how good of a debater I have become (because I’m really not that good). This is my reflection on what I have learned in my time thus far at Grove City College.

My time at Grove City has taught me to stand up for my beliefs, no matter how unpopular they may be. I have also learned how to defend those beliefs in a way that is respectful, but also based in facts. It’s hard to be in the minority position and still stand strong in your beliefs. Being at Grove City has given me the confidence to stand my ground. I’m incredibly proud of how Grove City College has stood as a beacon of light and hope in the overwhelmingly liberal institution of higher education. I know that I am learning things here that I wouldn’t learn at a different school. I know that when I leave I will be prepared to take on anyone and argue my point in a way that isn’t demeaning of my opponent and doesn’t rely solely on emotion and calling the other person a racist. I am incredibly proud to go to a school whose catchphrase is “Because Faith and Freedom Matter.”  And finally, I am proud to call myself a Grover.


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