Winter Break Parti Dos

I completely failed at life this week. And by life I mean blogging. I normally post every Thursday (as my three regular readers know, my mom and my cats), but I just got so caught up in everything yesterday I forgot. I even switched platforms to WordPress this week and STILL forgot. I was so excited to show it off with a cool, inspiring post but here I am. Oh well. Anyhoo. Lunch, two classes, and 3 hours and 17 minutes separate me from GOING HOME. I’m comin for ya G-ville. But the unfortunate thing is that when I woke up this morning it was NEGATIVE TWELVE DEGREES. So I have renamed this break Winter Break Part Two because in no country is this weather considered spring. Next week on Thursday I will be at CPAC 2014 (Conservative Political Action Conference) so I will be able to blog about how (hopefully) I met Paul Ryan or Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Also I’m roadtrippin’ there with my Pops so YAY.

Lots of exciting things coming this day/week, but for the first time I am actually leaving a little piece of me here. Normally I’m all “SEE YA NEVER GROVE CITY” because all my friends are gone too. But now that I am in Young Life, I’m leaving all my high school friends behind. The struggle is so real. Anyway. I hope this week has been good for all and that you all are working on being in satisfied in God (quite literally driving the struggle bus in that regard). I hope this upcoming week is amazing, and enjoy yourselves, wherever you are. Much love! Until next week…


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