Well my life completely changed this past week friends so let me update you. Sunday, at our first-year placement/draft for Young Life I got placed at GROVE CITY HIGH SCHOOL! This is where I had been praying and hoping to be placed, due to how the awesome the team is and that I already knew some of the kids at the high school. And for the past week, I have been living the dream.
Have you ever woken up and been like “DANG my actual life is better than my dreams this is freakin SWEET”? Because Monday morning that’s what happened. I have never felt so Spirit-full and content as I did Monday. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the high school at dismissal, meet some kids that I hadn’t met yet and do some contact work. I went without another girl leader which was a little bit intimidating, but also good because I had to make my own way instead of just following someone around.
On Tuesday we had club, which is like a giant party with music and games and hilarious skits and lots of fun times. I got to meet even more people then and then we all got to go to Burger King after and chill and talk with the kids!
Throughout the entire week, I’ve had the opportunity to converse with my high school YL leader, the ever lovely Rose (check her blog, its nifty! It was awesome to be able to talk to someone who knows me well and can give me advice from a perspective of a different high school. She has been such a blessing in my life over the past couple of years, and I owe so much of my decision to do YL to her amazing mentoring and all the love she showed me.
Anyway, what this all comes down to is that this first week as a YL leader has been FANTASTIC. God has been so, so faithful this past week (and always) and I have learned so much about how to be better in my walk with Him. I am so excited to get to know the girls that I know better, and meet some new girls as well. In the meantime, I should probably sleep because my life as a Young Life leader/college student/lacrosse player is a full time job that keeps me constantly on my toes. But I seriously couldn’t be happier. Until next week, keep jchillin’.


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