A Clean Slate and A Full Gym

It was my first official day back on campus after a long month away. I headed over to the gym to get in a workout (Lacrosse starts next week). Ready to hit up an elliptical, I walked into the gym to see every machine full. With nothing to choose from, I took the last open bike and waited patiently for a different machine to open up.
While I was pedaling, I was trying to figure out why there were so many people there. Then it hit me. The good Grovers all decided to take part in New Year’s resolution setting and all decided to go to the gym. It’s funny how New Years resolutions work. People stick to them for the month of January, or maybe less time, and then forgot they made the resolution or give up. Then, they wait until the next year to “try again,” waiting for that clean slate that only comes on January. We set out to change aspects of our lives, and then we give up when the going gets tough or we mess up. We feel like we have to wait for another clean slate.
Thinking about it now, I realize that I don’t need to wait for January for a clean slate, because my slate is always clean. Shoutout to my main homie Jesus, for wiping my slate clean every day. Every day I mess up and miss the mark of how I should be living, but each day Jesus wipes away my sins and transgressions. What a blessing we have in Christ.
While we adapt to this new year, it is crucial to remember that everyday, we have a new clean slate, and it is up to us to devote the day to furthering His glory.
I hope this next week is rewarding, go and live your life to the fullest, remembering His purpose in your life!


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