Study Day in Photos

With less than 15 minutes of Thursday left, I present to you: study day in photos! I’ve been meaning to do a day in photos post for a while and I figured that this would be the best day because I’m supposed to be studying all day! So here it goes.

9am hour: Hello Pillow

10am: Ancient Civilization

11am: Studying with Maya

12pm: Lunch and a Movie

1pm: On that French grind

2pm: French for dayz

3pm: Nicole and I give up

4pm: Arc Trainer selfies with Maya!

5pm: Dinner MAP Style

6pm: American National Government!

7pm: Ethics!

8pm: Still ethics!

9pm: Much give up. So Netflix

10pm: someone burns popcorn, Fire drill!

11pm: Time for bed

I hope you have enjoyed this little look into my finals life. It is a new low. Until next week, when FINALS ARE OVER, stay strong, all.


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