Hanukkah and Other Good Things

As I posted last week, this week was Hanukkah! I decided to be uber artsy (actually not really but just go with it) and take a picture of each night. 

The last four are via skype. But there is your progression of Hanukkah funness. 
And now on to the aforementioned “Other Good Things.” At the beginning of this week, I was feeling a little bit sick and I wasn’t very productive, even though I had a lot of stuff going on. Yesterday, though, was productive and awesome! One of my professors have us an extension on of a paper that was supposed to be due on Friday, and I got all my homework done last night and went to bed early! I’m currently feeling pretty good about my finals and grades and whatever I had at the beginning of the week has gone away. God is good and has been the only reason I’ve gotten through this week. 
That’s all for this week. I the meantime, please enjoy my new favorite picture that I’ve seen ever. 


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