Life Update

Seeing as this is my eleventh post, that means I have been a college gal for ELEVEN WEEKS. I’m in such a routine that I can barely even remember life before college. How did I live without naps and my best friends 5 feet away from me all the time? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s been a fantastic eleven weeks thus far. They’ve gone by so fast too! In about two weeks it will be Thanksgiving break and then it’ll be CHRISTMAS MUSIC SEASON and I have a week and then finals and then I’m home for the holidays (see what I did there? Christmas music is the best). It’s scary that I’m so close to completing my first semester of college life. Here’s a quick update about what is currently going on in my world!

Rush officially started this week, so we have first formals with all the sororities. Its been a super fun process so far and it’s cool when you make friends with upperclassmen because you feel popular and cool. I’m starting to get a feel for which ones I want to pursue, so that should be an interesting process. It’s also cool because at Grove we have our own sororities that aren’t nationally affiliated so we’re unique, nbd.
I’m also starting to schedule for next semester. I added a French major earlier this week so I am officially a Political Science and French double major! Next semester, for my majors, I hope to be taking International Politics, Modern Political Thought, French 202, and Advanced Conversation. I also have to take fitwell (*gag*) and a Biblical Revelations class for the Humanities core. I’m only taking six classes next semester, which should be so nice, as I’m taking seven now. Also, if I get the schedule I want, I won’t have an 8 am and I’ll only have two classes TR, so sleep will be solid.
Those are the two biggest things going on in my life right now. Everything is just lovely, and I’m listening to Michael Buble pandora so that’s awesome. Also earlier I had a brown sugar Chai Latte called a Sassy Chai. I’m pretty sure it is my soulmate in drink form. Anywho, that’s my life in a nutshell. Until next time, in the words of my friend Dana, own it work it get it.

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