Roomie Lovin

This post is all about how awesome North 157 is. North 157 is my room, in which I live with my awesome roommate, Nicole Tiffany Founds (also known as: NTFounds, NTF, Big Tiff, LostandFounds etc.) At this point in the year, a lot of people are having falling outs with their roommates because they don’t get along, or because they have different groups of friends. Not so with I and NTF. Let’s just say its one big party all the time in 157. To give you an example of how awesome it is, I will describe what happened two nights ago. After putting in some long hours at the library (pretty much my entire Grover life), I came back to my room to eat and relax a little bit. I walked in to NTF eating some Easy Mac. No big deal right? Wrong. A funny thing about NTF is that most people who aren’t close to her think she’s a bit quiet and introverted. HA. Nice one. Not true. So she’s eating Easy Mac and just hanging out and then she says something random, and just starts laughing. For the record, it was funny, but not funny enough to merit two minutes of belly laughing. Then I started getting crazy and laughing, and we went into our hallmate Maya’s room. NTF and I are both in an Aerobics class right now (shoutout to Fitwell…) and we had done kickboxing in class that day. She promptly starts doing random roundhouse kicks around the room, and then eating mass quantities of Jelly Beans. I was sitting on Maya’s bed, in a fit of laughter, once again laughing way more than was probably merited, and Maya was just staring at us judging. So NTF and I go back into our room and I’m trying to get back to some work, when Nicole goes to grab something from under her bed. She finds a piece of Candy Corn and just starts dying laughing. And I’m just sitting on my bed, completely not comprehending what life is, and then she says “I found a piece of candy corn under my bed!” and continues to laugh, and falls on the floor. See above video for proof.
Needless to say, Nicole and I have a ton of fun. I’m so glad she’s my roommate, because we are so incredibly similar, and we’ve become best friends. It’s nice to be able to come back to my room after a long day of classes and homework and be able to joke around with her. She brightens up my day and I feel blessed to have her in my life.
Until next week, I hope all of you find someone who will laugh at random inanimate objects with you, because honestly what else are friends for?


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