The Little Things

What I’ve come to learn over the past 18 or so years is that the best parts of life are the little things that happen that end up making your day. Take today for example, I walked out of my 8 am class and it was snowing! In October! It took all the restraint I have not to turn on Michael Buble Christmas Pandora and make snow angels on the not snow covered ground. And then I went back to my room and I just chilled and watched How I Met Your Mother (update: I’m at the end of season 6! woo hoo!) After chilling out for a little while, I decided to try and be productive. I wrote down all the homework that I could/should be doing, and I realized none of it is due until next week. This was particularly exciting because I have been behind on homework for the last three weeks, due to Midterms. Then I ate this really amazing chai latte cupcake-in-a-jar that I got from my favorite vendor at the Granville farmer’s market, Toddlesquat bakery. In addition to this, I got to run around campus and town with my fav girls, Maya and NTfounds. We bought NTfounds a cleopatra costume for halloween and Maya found a koala hat which is freaking awesome. And its still only two o’clock! Who even knows what else will happen today! My biggest take away from this is that the best things in life happen when you aren’t planning them to. Instead of living break to break, or weekend to weekend, I’m trying harder to live in the moment and just enjoy all the little things around me. Like colored goldfish and fall leaves. 🙂 As the ever lovely Ben Rector says, “Life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between.” You stay classy, internet. 


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