Making Choices and Time Management

Today, I had my first college exam! WOO HOO. It was for FitWell, which (for all you non-Grovers) is our mandatory Phys Ed class. It was 100 questions and I took it after having an 8am lecture about Greek civilization. Needless to say, I was exhausted after I finished it, and I just wanted to veg. So veg I did. I went back to my room and watched 4 episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Let me tell you how that happened: every time you finish an episode, it skips on to the next episode and it is NEVER ENDING. Anyway, I stopped because my roommate and my friend and I went to lunch.
It got me thinking about all the choices I’ve had to make since I got here. And all by myself too! I’ve made all sorts of unimportant decisions (what time I go to bed, what I eat for breakfast, etc.) and a couple important decisions. Last week, I was crazy indecisive with my decisions. Well, maybe indecisive is the wrong word. More like wishy-washy. I went to a meeting about the club Lacrosse team here at the Grove last Thursday. After the meeting, and after hearing about the level of commitment, I made about four completely different decisions about whether I was going to do it within a span of four days. Eventually, I decided to try out for the team (tryouts are currently going on, last day is today in approximately 50 minutes…) But I was super stressed out last week because of it. And each night, I’d call my parents with my latest decision and freak out about how much time I would be spending doing things other than school and worrying about every other thing that I could possibly worry about. Then, Sunday night, I went to Young Life First-Year training (another thing I’m getting involved with, more on this in a later post). At the training, the Area Director of Young Life was talking about the time commitment for being a leader and I was very worried. Then he made a comment about how we should examine our lives and see how much time we spend doing what in the week and figure out if we can handle the commitment. At that point, I was set in my decision of not playing Lacrosse, or so I thought. I started to examine the things that I do in the time that I’m not doing my homework. And I realized if I have enough time to watch 4 episodes of How I Met Your Mother before lunch, I have enough time to lead for Young Life and be on the Lacrosse team, two things that are much more important than HIMYM. On top of that, these two activities will enrich my life so much, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be apart of these organizations. I’ll keep you posted on how Lacrosse works out and where I get placed for Young Life as those things come along. Darn college and all the fun activities that are available. For the time being, keep hanging loose.
                                                                                                                         (Source: Tumblr)


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