A Day in the Life

Hello Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and Slugs,
I am almost done with my second week of classes! I feel so old… But here we are. Anyway, I figured I’d give you a picture of my typical day (yesterday). It was a solid day jam packed full of lovely things such as blueberry waffles and Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Here goes…
7:48am: My alarm goes off. I cry a little bit. I snooze.
7:58am: My alarm goes off again, and I feel the need to acquiesce it so I get out of bed.
7:59am: I stumble around my room trying to find shoes to go to the bathroom, I proceed in getting ready to take on the day.
8:15am: I go to breakfast with mi amigo Maya (who will be further referred to as Matt, don’t ask).
8:20am: I make myself a blueberry waffle and then we sit and silence and eat because we are too tired to formulate sentences.
8:35am: Post-breakfast, I sit in my room for a little while and look at dumb things like Twitter and Instagram.
8:45am: Maya/Matt and I walk to class
9:00am: My French 201 class begins. We take a quiz on avoir. My prof hands back a quiz we took last week (A+!)

(Source: Tumblr)

9:20am: My prof is going over definite articles and singing a song about wine and cheese and making us sing along.
9:50am: Released from French class! I race in joy to the SAC (student union) and grab my mail (Thanks for the post card, Mom!)
10:00am: Get lost in an administrative building trying to find the payroll office.
10:05am: Found it! Get paper work to be put on pay roll for lifeguarding.
10:15am: Back in my dorm, I call my mom three times to ask questions about W-4 forms and where I live and what’s a routing number.
10:45am: After filling out all my paperwork, eating chocolate, and dancing around my room to Ellie Goulding, I decide to go turn the paperwork in.
11:00am: I decide to write one of my four reflection papers for American National Government.
11:50am: Thanks to that good old Granville education, I finish my paper in about an hour, and then head off to lunch with Maya/Matt and my roomie, Nicole!
12:00pm: The only table we can nab to eat is in the middle of a long one, with two groups sitting on either side of us.
12:15pm: One of the kids sitting next to us decides to be a social butterfly and then realizes that he recognizes me. He proceeds to tell me every thought that comes through his brain.
12:30pm: Talkative boy leaves, and my friends and I and the two guys next to us have a deep philosophical discussion of stereotypes after I ask the kid if he’s an exercise science major and find out he is an English major.
1:00pm: I race off to my next class, Intro to Ethics. We think deep thoughts and talk about Plato and God and justice.
1:50pm: I walk over to Foundations of Poly Sci and we have a 50 minute lesson about statistics and politics (more crying ensues). (As a disclaimer I don’t actually cry, I just cry inside).
3:00pm: I grab a group of friends (although my brother would say I don’t have any…) and we go to the HAL atrium (a chill place) to study.
4:00pm: After doing one line of my homework and eating a bag of fritos, I head off to choir. We sing songs and it is just oh so lovely.
5:00pm: I get back to my room and do my French homework because I’m a good student (ha wut).
5:20pm: Maya/Matt and I go to a Language Table Dinner, in which you sit with people from your specific language and speak in that language. I proceed to embarass myself in front of a table of upperclassmen for a half hour.
6:00pm: I go back to my room and try and start doing some homework, I end up reading two pages of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.
7:00pm: Sexual Violence Awareness program. I decide to go purely for the fact that it counted as a chapel credit.
8:00pm: I go to my room, change into something decent and walk to the Mocktail (ha get it? fake cocktails!) Mixer for the Student Government Association.
8:40pm: I come back from the mixer, abruptly change into running clothes and go on a run with my friend Dana.
9:20pm: I get back, do core, shower, and decide I’m hungry for dinner number dos (we have dinner too early here.)
9:30pm: Nicole (roommate) and I decide that it is Mexican night and we pull out the guacamole, spicy salsa, and tortilla chips and sit on the floor and watch the first half of Yours, Mine & Ours.
10:30pm: I get ready for bed (too tired to do my homework), call dear old dad and mom, and then fall asleep next to an unopened copy of Plato’s Republic I was supposed to read before my 8am. Oops.

I know this was long, so kudos for sticking with me to the end. I hope it was at least mildly entertaining. I enjoyed looking back on the silliness that was yesterday.
Keep on keepin on!


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